Playing it Safe?

A question that was asked today in my LinkedIn network – Do we really need to play safe in organisations? So i decided to post my response back here as well.My immediate response to a question like this is, take the risk if your inherent personality is that of a risk taker. If you curtail that natural instinct then it will bring in frustration eventually. Some people call it a gut feeling and at times it very strong in some people. So resisting risk taking is like not using a gift given to you. Not all people have that overwhelming urge or courage to take risk and it’s not meant for everybody. But it also boils down to the organization that you work for. I have seen open culture organizations and some not so open. If you are a risk taker then no point working in an organization whose mantra is ‘play it safe’. Bottom line is Go for it and if the org is not conducive to it then move out and search something that gels with your philosophy. My personal philosophy is ‘if God gives you dreams and visions then he also gives you courage to go for it’.