Social Media – Improving Parent child relationship's?

A month back I had the privilege to put in some voluntary community hours training some technical education students. This was a part of my organizations community building program on the occasion of our 40th anniversary of inception and the topic of course was my personal favorite – ‘Social Media and its impact on Marketing’. There is something really magical about teaching young adults and I personally thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It’s just amazing how kids today instantly get the idea behind social media while some adults I know are still are debating if they should take the plunge.  Kids today definitely are better at collaboration skills than our generation and sharing of information comes naturally to them. But what was a revelation to me from the entire discussion was an example of how a student improved her relationship with her mother through social media. The girl was having issues relating with her mom and things had turned quite bad. As most parents the mom was having problems trusting her daughters decisions on friends, expenses, choice of career etc. One day while surfing the internet her mom happened to accidentally stumble upon her daughter’s blog. From that day on, it became a ritual for the mom to secretly read her daughters blog. Over the months the mom had a better understanding about her daughter’s opinions and what was on her mind. Slowly their relationship took a turn for the better and the mom finally revealed to her daughter about having read her blog. Now her mom not only is an active participant to conversations on her daughters blog but is also on her daughters Facebook friend list, making her a great example of super cool social media mom. I found this true life example extremely interesting and felt there is a ton to discover on how social media can enhance parent child relationships.