Social Media World Forum Asia 2010 Rocked!

This week I had the privilege to attend Social Media World Forum (SMWF) Asia and man did it perform to my expectations. This is what happens when you put enthusiastic like minded speakers, exhibitors and delegates in one place, you get a fantastic event. The energy, passion, sharing and enthusiasm at the event was contagious, with everyone getting out their notebooks, netbooks, macs, tablets, smart phones and tweeting & blogging away as the speakers spoke. What I liked most about the event was we didn’t just talk social media but we used every bit of it at the event to exchange biz contacts, conference guides,  tweeting questions to speakers, using foursquare to check in at the venue, live feeds etc.

The event was organized by Bristol-based events company Six Degrees and they did a great job of packing the event with powerful content and a rock solid agenda.  One of the credits to organizers was that they had done adequate research and background work on relevancy of content and several rounds of exchanges with speakers. They also effectively engaged and set up an advisory board for this event that gave feedback on the conference agenda, hot topics, new interactive conference formats etc. As one of the advisory board members I can vouch for the fact they took our feedback seriously and kept it relevant to current trends and Asia.

The event brought together many of the thought leaders who spoke at the event – you can find the list of speakers here. A key attraction at SMWF was prominent social media thought leader Brian Solis, who also spoke at the event via webcast.

If you’re interested in what transpired at the SMWF event then I highly recommend that you read the event synopsis posts by B2Bento (Day 1 synopsis, Day 2 synopsis). More great content shared by delegates and speakers can be found on the twitter feed with hashtag #SMWF.

I can’t wait for the next year’s event. Cheers!