Why mom is my social networking mentor

The basic philosophy behind ‘social media’ is that relationships matter. Relationships are pivotal in our business and in our personal life. The seeds of this philosophy have been always sowed deep within me by one very important person in my life which is my mom. Even though she is not on facebook or twitter and there is no software that can measure her influence 🙂 she is for me a real life example of a great influencer, here are 5 reasons why ….

As a child and even till this day whenever I walk with her in the neighborhood people will acknowledge her, come up and say hello, chat about their family and share their life stories with her. She seems to know everyone and will always make time to be interested in other people.

–   I was sick kid when I was in school so whenever I missed class she would go down to my school and convince the brightest students to lend me their class books. I always got the best make up notes for the classes I missed.

– Then as a kid whenever I went grocery shopping for the family, the store owners always gave me their freshest food stock because they knew my mom. It was amazing how they would dig into the end of the pile and knew which one to give me with a wink on their face.

–  And then when I was out of college and looking for a job it was through her information network that I found out that my first employer was hiring and thus started my career in IT.

–  Whenever there was and still is an emergency in our extended family she is one of the first people they will call for help and opinion as they trust her for her advice and care.

She has been a wonderful role model for me in the area building and harnessing relationships and a great reminder to me that sometimes in pursuit of the re-tweets and all the like’s I can forget that it’s about relationships and bringing value and difference to an individual’s life.