Lessons from Dad

This note is a tribute to my dad, who passed away on the 5th of June 2021 with post-Covid complications. I always heard the phrase that it is hard to losoe a parent, but I can completely understand what it means now. My dad was an exceptional and kind-hearted man, loved and respected by whoever knew him. His simplicity was his charm, and it worked everywhere he went. I can’t think of anyone who could stay mad at him, as he was just that kind of a guy. My dad lost his father when he was just a teenager, so dad made sure that he gave us the upbringing and support he lacked in his youth. There are so many valuable lessons he has left us with, but these two will stay with me forever.


My dad was a chemical engineer with a specialisation in textile engineering, a master of his domain and had many patents to his name. I remember as a kid there very senior industry players that visited my home to learn from dad. He was always generous with his knowledge and experience. And even though he was criticised frequently for sharing his knowledge freely without any personal gain, I could see the twinkle in his eye when he talked about his favourite subjects. He just loved helping people achieve their business goals and progressing the industry he loved. Many of those he helped went on to build business empires, and even though he didn’t benefit, I never once heard him complain or be bitter about not getting the credit.

Strong sense of Values

Midway in his career, he had a crisis of sorts. He discovered that some of his superiors were trying to influence him to bend some rules. The textile industry during that time was in a massive decline in India, and he knew he had family responsibilities. I remember him being stressed and conflicted with personal commitments to his family and his need to do things right. At this point, he also suffered from hypertension and early onset of diabetes. But despite all the challenges, he walked away from his secure job because of the values mismatch. It was hard for me to understand the deliberations of his decision at that time because I was too young. It was a hard transition time for him and the family, but he stuck to his values and beliefs.

It has been a tough month for us as a family, but I take comfort because my dad lived a simple, upright and fulfilled life. He gave his kids everything we needed to make something out of our own lives, for which I will always be grateful to him.

“The loss of my father will always sting. But now, everything that I do is in honour of him and celebrates his life.” – Adrienne C. Moore.